Our Story

Before I became the Puzzle Librarian, I was just a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast. As a kid I was content to sit and do and redo my favorite 100 piece Star Wars puzzle as an outlet for my hyperfocusing tendencies. As I grew older, my passion was revived when I rediscovered puzzling as the perfect screen-free “flow” activity. When the pandemic of 2020 hit, like thousands of other homebound people in need of some flow in their lives, I could not stop puzzling. I joined the Jigsaw Puzzle Enthusiast Facebook group and noticed a common theme of puzzle hoarding- enthusiasts buying dozens and dozens of puzzles only to do them once and hoard them in closets. This seemed like an expensive habit, and it seemed a shame that thousands of jigsaw puzzles around the world sit collecting dust in grandma’s basement while people often have to spend $15-$30 plus shipping on a single new puzzle. 


The Puzzle Librarian exists to provide access to jigsaw puzzles without sacrificing precious closet space and needing to spend a small fortune. The goal is to soon expand The Puzzle Librarian to a shipping business, where puzzle enthusiasts can receive puzzles in the mail via a subscription, like the old school Netflix DVD days. 

Our Philosophy

My theory is that jigsaw puzzling is beneficial to your wellbeing. Jigsaw puzzling helps you to get into the state of flow, in which the brain is focused on the task at hand and releases norepinephrine, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. Feeling stuck on a problem at school or work? Struggle with anxiety? Need an alternative to all the screens that rule your life? Try jigsaw puzzling. 

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